Aug 12 2005

Bad bike-rack etiquette — The Sequel

I am SO bad.

When I arrived at Malmö‘s Central Station on Wednesday evening, the bike with the HUGE basket on the front that had so thoroughly pissed me off the day before was once again parked in the same rack as Ole Blue, but slightly down the row of slots and on the other side. It was also, as usual, not actually locked to the bike-rack.

So I moved it!

Not far. (Because that would have been too much work.  Between the HUGE basket on the front and the toddler seat on the back…this clunker is HEAVY to carry.) I left it parked at the end of the row of bicycles that were properly locked to the rack.

And I would have done it again yesterday except that it was already so badly hemmed in by the bikes on either side and behind it that the owner wouldn’t be able to get it out until the other ones were moved anyway. LOL!

Serves her right.


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