Aug 16 2005

Is Elvis in the building?

I’ve been with my company long enough now that very few items on the cafeteria lunch menu surprise me anymore. I’m told by my colleagues that the food, which is brought in everyday from a local hotel restaurant, tends to lean toward ‘typical Swedish institutional’. And given that there’s very little that’s typically Swedish about Dr. Darling when it comes to food preferences, I’ve been able to try a lot of traditional Swedish dishes at work that I’ve never had at home.

There are four main dishes offered every day, one of which is low-fat (by Swedish standards) and one of which is vegetarian. Today, the most popular entrée was neither of these selections, but rather what can only be described as a huge pile of bacon on a plate with boiled potatoes and a creamy onion gravy. YES YOU READ THAT RIGHT.  Bacon covered with gravy!!! or as I inadvertantly re-named it in the presence of my lunchtime companions, “Elvis‘s Wet-dream.”

I’m thinking about sending the recipe to the folks who run Graceland.

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