Aug 17 2005

Sailing report interrupted

I’ve been wanting to write about Sunday’s sail for days now but work has been completely crazy lately and by the time I get home I just don’t have it in me to sit in front of a another keyboard. But as of about 6:30 this evening, I’m officially "on vacation"…and suddenly the iBook is my friend!

So the weather for my first-ever trip aboard a sailboat was not only sunny, but unexpectedly warm. Unfortunately, the main reason for this was a lack of wind…which blows like hell in Landskrona nine out of every ten days. But NOT on this particular Sunday. And of course I’m dressed for those other nine days and have taken into account that it’s generally a couple degrees cooler on the water…so we weren’t underway for very long before I had to ditch my long-sleeved rugby shirt even though I didn’t have anything else to put on. Fortunately no-one seemed to be too put off by the bra & life-jacket combo I ended up wearing most of the afternoon, which actually complimented the totally pantless ensemble that the captain’s 4-year-old daughter wore all afternoon.

So there wasn’t much wind for sailing and we ended up doing quite a bit of fishing instead. Even fish-wary Dr. Darling got in on the act. Our captain, Henrik, and his partner Kristina each caught a small cod. And all three of us caught some herring…which Henrik later cleaned and fried up right on the boat. I can usually take or leave herring…but the ones we ate within a few hours of catching them were absolutely delicious!

The wind finally picked up a bit after dinner and we were able to sail back to the harbor. It was a really amazing feeling to be moving over the water courtesy of wind-power rather than an engine and I can completely understand why people who sail are so crazy about it. Henrik actually put me at the helm for the journey back while Dr. Darling and Kristina handled the sails. I kept waiting for him to take over as we got closer to the harbor, but he didn’t. He stood nearby and gave instructions, but let me guide her all the way in while under sail.

So now we’re actually *in the harbor* and it’s quite small and there are a lot of other boats around…and he keeps calling out instructions but never takes the helm. And I’m thinking, there are SO MANY WAYS I could end up damaging his boat…or worse yet, somebody elses. But Captain Henrik doesn’t blink and under his expert guidance I turned that 28-foot sailboat around 180 degrees in a very tight space and slid her right into her berth…without every using the engine. It was AMAZING. In fact, three days later I still can’t beleive it.

I later told Kristina how nervous I had been and she admitted that she freaks out every time they bring the boat back into the harbor…even with Henrik at the helm.

Glad I didn’t know that then.

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