Aug 27 2005

“Let’s go fly a kite!”

So our recent cycling vacation included three days in Germany with a very dear friend of mine and her two kids. And on one of those days we went to the beach and naturally took along all the usual kids-at-the-beach accoutrements…one of which sent me on a sentimental journey right down Memory Lane.

Anna and Augustin had a 3-dimensional kite shaped like an airplane…which Dr. Darling helped them assemble properly and I helped them fly. Kite-flying was one of my favorite activities as a child, probably because it was something I always did with my Dad. In fact, one year we actually built a box kite together. So I was completely in my element with this task, and the fact that the kids spoke only Swiss German and I was mixing English and Swedish didn’t matter in the least. Flying “Discovery” (the name they gave the airplane kite at some point during the day) was the highlight of the afternoon.

I’ve been thinking about kite flying ever since…specifically about the selection of stunt kites I’d seen at Biltema the last time we were there. I’d never flown a stunt kite before (I don’t think they’d been invented yet when I was a kid) but had watched others do it and thought it looked like fun. So this afternoon we buzzed out to Biltema and bought one, and then proceeded to make complete fools of ourselves down and Ribersborg.

For the record, a stunt kite is MUCH more challenging to fly (so much so in fact, that we dubbed this one “Challenger” in keeping with the Space Shuttle theme Anna and Augustin started) and it was a good thing this one was so durable because we must have crashed it about 40 times. Even Dr. Darling got in on the action, and was better at keeping it aloft than I was. Another stunt kiter turned up at one point and we watched him for awhile to get a few pointers. We actually figured out how to launch it from the ground before we left, meaning we could actually fly (or crash) two kites simultaneously if we had them.

And we had so much fun that I have a feeling we’ll be buzzing out to Biltema again tomorrow.

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