Aug 31 2005

Fun with epoxy…

Dr. Darling starts a post-doc project for a major laboratory in Copenhagen on Monday and seems determined to do as much playing as possible during her last week of freedom for awhile.

I’ve already mentioned that we’ve purchased three different kites since last Saturday, but the “Re-living Your Childhood” Stakes got much higher today when, inspired by our sailing experience of a couple week ago, combined with the America’s Cup qualification races currently being held in Malmö, we bought a remote-controlled model sailboat.

Unlike the kites, which were ready to fly right out of the package, the “Victoria” (the name of the model) is going to be quite a project. When the box said *some assembly required* what it really meant was: *We’ve molded the hull for you but you’ll be building the rest of the damn thing yourself.* The instruction booklet is something on the order of 30 pages long (but at least it’s in English)!

We figured we’d learn a little bit about the basics of sailing with this boat (particularly the physics behind the wind’s effect on the sails), but never imagined that we’d have to rig the thing from scratch.

I’m pretty sure I’m going to have to take a course in knot-tying before we can launch it.


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