Sep 05 2005

A different kind of culture shock…

Dr. Darling returned to the daily grind of a five-day work-week for the first time in over a year today and is so tired tonight she can barely operate the VCR and is now falling asleep in the middle of the program we recorded earlier tonight.

She started a 10-week post-doctoral project for a big laboratory in Copenhagen at 8:15 a.m., and while she had a good day at the office, her body seems to be rebelling against getting up early! I admit it was really odd to have her up and awake and intruding on my morning routine, but also kind of cool because she made coffee.

She reports that the first thing she noticed about being back in a research environment was how rusty her Swedish has become (we speak English at home 90% of the time).  Plus, the vast majority of her colleagues speak Danish in the lab. Here’s how the conversation went when she got home tonight:

Dr. Darling: Gosh I couldn’t believe how much my Swedish sucked today…I was constantly searching for words and only finding the ones I wanted about half the time.

Shazzer: Really?  Maybe we need to start speaking more Swedish at home for YOUR benefit instead of mine?

Dr. Darling: Probably. Plus, I couldn’t get my ear tuned into the Danish…and it didn’t help that one of the researchers is Norwegian.

Shazzer: Kind of a Nordic language smorgasbord, then?

Dr. Darling: Yes…though one member of the team is a Brit.  Hopefully that means that most of the seminars will be held in English.

Shazzer: So let me get this straight…you had trouble expressing yourself effectively and only understood about half of everything you heard?

Dr. Darling: Yes, that’s exactly what it was like.

Shazzer: WELCOME TO MY WORLD, Sweetie.

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