Sep 07 2005

The “honeymoon” is over…in so many ways

It appears that Monday morning's pleasant exchange over coffee was just a fluke, because by Tuesday morning novelty of getting up and having to be somewhere by 8 a.m. had worn WAY off for Dr. Darling.

I was well aware that she's not especially social when she first wakes up…but on Tuesday morning she was a MAJOR grump bordering on just plain mean. We talked about it last night after we both got home (and I was no longer afraid to speak to her), and she maintains that the reason she was so evil was because she felt rushed through her morning routine. Evidently she needs a full hour from the time she gets out of bed to the time she leaves the apartment, but even more important than that, she needs to be able to hit the snooze bar a couple times before she gets up.

I suppose I should have known about this, but in over three years of living together, this week marks the first time that we've ever had to be up and on our way to work at the same time. Seriously. With the exception of the first two months after I arrived and was waiting for my full-time Swedish program to start, I've always had to be up earlier than her and am usually out the door before she even gets out of bed.

For the past few months my clock radio (which she never hears) has been going off at 6:03, and I rarely hit the snooze bar because I need to be on my bike no later than 6:45 for the ride to the central station. Because my morning routine involves showering, dressing and walking out the door, I usually don't have any trouble leaving on time. (Unless I've mislaid my keys, which is another issue entirely.)

Dr. Darling doesn't need to leave the apartment until 7:00, a FULL hour after the alarm goes off, so in my mind, the clock radio (that she never hears) should be sufficient for both of us as long as I make sure she's awake before I hit the shower. BIG MISTAKE. My delicate young Swede can't possibly get out of bed when she first wakes up (at least not without biting my head off)…she needs to ease herself awake with a couple hits of the snooze bar. It's been so long since she's had to get up early that I'd forgotten all about this little idiosyncracy.

So today, the clock radio came at 5:45 a.m., and I gave her a nudge before hitting the snooze bar. I nudged her again nine minutes later (when the snooze bar popped up) and then we both got out of bed after the alarm went off for the third and final time at…can you beleive it?! 6:03 a.m!!! Aaaarrrggghhhh!**

But her mood was marginally better today for being "eased awake"…though I must admit that I made a special effort to interact with her as little as possible.

**I know what you're thinking…that Dr. Darling should have her own alarm clock with snooze bar on her side of the bed. She does. But it's the annoying kind that beeps successively louder until you turn it off…which it takes her forever to do. Talk about an absolutely horrible way to be awakened. I had to peel myself off the ceiling every time it went off and more often than not would end up crawling over her to hit the snooze bar myself anyway. So putting a clock radio on my side of the bed is the compromise we reached in those early days before I started going to school and she actually had to get up before I did. It's a pain in the @$$ but still much better than being blasted awake by the incessant beep.

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