Sep 08 2005

Taking “technical difficulties” to a whole new level

The mail server at my company was down THE ENTIRE day today, which partially paralyzed at least half of the employees in my division and pretty much completely paralyzed me. That’s because in addition to the server issues everyone else was dealing with, the IT department had picked Wednesday afternoon/Thursday morning to replace the hard-drive in my laptop and I was using a temporary replacement that did not have local copies of my filed mail messages on it.

Now I can always come up with about a hundred things to work on that do not involve sending e-mail.  HOWEVER, I quickly found out that most of the information I use to accomplish those kinds of things is STORED IN FOLDERS IN OUTLOOK. Gaaaahhhhh!!!

And now I’m seriously starting to wonder just how I managed to do any kind of productive work before the advent of e-mail. I started working in the news and information field a LONG before the internet or e-mail were part of the picture, and I was very successful at it.  I just can’t remember how!

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