Sep 10 2005

“Honeymoon” Update

I’m happy to report that our morning routine (and Dr. Darling‘s level of civility) improved every day this week, and by Friday morning I was no longer creeping around the apartment on egg shells.  Though I don’t rule out the possibility that by the last day of the week we were both just too tired to snipe at each other!

I was fully expecting her to sleep this morning away (her usual modus operandi), but I was shocked surprised when she rolled out of bed the same time I did (about 8 a.m.). Her explanation for this was that since it was a full two hours later than she had gotten up all week, it "felt like" sleeping in!

I had very mixed feelings about this. On the one hand, the early start gave us a lot more time to do stuff…which was good since it was our last day of car sitting my father-in-law’s Volvo.  But on the other hand, it meant that I didn’t get to have my usual Saturday morning web surfing and remote-control monopoly time.  Aaaarrrggghhh!

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