Sep 14 2005

“Okay, I fold already!!!”

It’s with great regret that I announce the demise of the ShazzerSpeak Blog Board, which until very recently resided in the right-hand sidebar underneath the hit counters.  It had become a popular target for SPAM from several online gambling sites over the last few weeks, and I just got tired of the almost daily invitations to join a virtual table of poker players for a round of Texas Hold ‘Em. 

Granted, the blog board wasn’t used especially often…but I really liked the idea of visitors being able to leave a quick hello without having to comment on a specific entry. Oh well…

In other site news, would anyone care to speculate why buy-valium-online.com is consistently listed among the top referring webpages TO this site?  One would think it would be the other way around…

Feed my ego!

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