Sep 19 2005

Oslo was “Fabu!”

And according to this site, “fabu!” really is a word! “If something is even more fabulous than fabulous it becomes fabu! Always said with an exclamation mark after the word.”

The conference I attended was basically a gathering of (mostly) American ex-pat clubs from all over the Nordic region.  The company, food and (surprisingly) entertainment were all fantastic.  I say “surprisingly” because we actually provided it ourselves.  The host club had invited each of the visiting clubs to give a “creative presentation” about themselves following the Saturday night dinner/banquet, something which had the potential (at least) to be really awful.

But I’m proud to say that all of the groups (no doubt fortified by the variety of wines served with dinner) put on a very good show that was both funny and informative. In fact, it was so good that I don’t even have a chance to use another of my favorite slang adjectives: craptacular.*

*Something so crappy that it’s spectacular.

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