Sep 22 2005

A blast from the oh-so-recent past…

The staff of the big research laboratory where Dr. Darling is currently engaged in a 10-week post-doc project is on a long-scheduled “team-building” trip for the next two days. But because she didn’t start working there until well after the reservations were made, she did not get to go along and instead was granted the time off.

One would think I’d be completely envious of the extra-long weekend she’s getting, but the only thought in my head is: I HAVE MY SWEDISH HOUSEWIFE BACK!!!*

Granted, it’s only for a couple of days, but I’ll gladly take it. It means I didn’t have to share the bathroom or the kitchen this morning…and I could go about my routine in relative darkness. (I swear Dr. Darling turns on EVERY light in the apartment when she gets up and it drives me crazy.) It also means that I won’t have to cook until the weekend when I actually have time to enjoy doing it. WAHOO!

*Not that we conform to stereotypical gender roles on a regular basis…but this one definitely has advantages for ME!

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