Sep 24 2005

Irony personified…

Here’s an example of how crazy things have been at work lately:

I am so busy that I had to skip an on-site anti-stress workshop arranged by our HR director, because giving up three hours of a Friday morning to attend it would have been WAY too stressful!

Oh…and the "wife thing" didn’t work out quite the way I envisioned either. I ended up cooking most of our dinner on Thursday night because of Dr. Darling‘s aversion to handling raw meat. Then last night we went out for Thai food before seeing "Crash"…so no home-cooked meal then either. Oh well…

We had another Indian Summer-like day today, and took advantage of it by cycling into town to meet some friends for fika. I suspect there aren’t too many more warm, sunshiney days left this year.

While we were out, Dr. Darling actually bought a new pair of Timberland outdoor shoes* that, had I purchased them, would have qualified as "ugly". Which means my evil plan is working!!!

*Dr. Darling buys one pair of shoes once every two years, whether she needs them or not.

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