Sep 28 2005

More office irony…

The pace at work has not changed (and has possibly gotten even more hectic) since last week when I was so swamped that I had to blow off a “dealing with stress” seminar. So needless to say, I was less-than-thrilled when I learned that I was expected to spend four hours in a Lean Enterprise introduction today.

“Lean” is a highly regarded set of problem-solving principles that helps organizations (especially manufacturing operations) reduce time loss and resource waste while improving efficiency. And let me tell you, the seminar must have been really effective because by the end of the first session (there were three total), I was already able to recognize that the information shared in the 75-minute presentation could easily have been imparted in about 20 minutes.

The presenter was a fellow American from a division of our parent company located in the U.S., so he spoke English over a Swedish PowerPoint presentation. This was kind of novel since 95% of the meetings I attend at work tend to be the other way around (Swedish discussion over an English PowerPoint presentation).

Overall, I came away from the experience fairly sure that my introduction to the Lean principles could have been a hell of a lot leaner, especially since I had to stay until 6:30 p.m. to take care of all the work I was unable to get to because I was sitting in an efficiency seminar all afternoon.

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