Oct 04 2005

Alanis…WHAT were you thinking?

With so many mediocre songs that she could improve by putting her unique stamp on them, why is Alanis Morissette‘s new single a remake of a CLASSIC?

I’m speaking of Seal‘s “Crazy“, which still gets regular airplay (including here in Sweden) 14 years after its original release. (And deservedly so.)

I initially caught a snippet of Alanis’s rendition in a promo for new music recently added to a local station’s playlist (which means they plan to play the hell out of it whether it deserves it or not), and I thought I must have heard wrong. This morning I heard the entire track for the first time, and while Alanis did a competent job, it still made me long for the original.

Don’t get me wrong…I’m a BIG Alanis fan. But that only serves to make me even more certain that she should not have wasted her time on this one.


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