Oct 08 2005

Romance: Dr. Darling-style

The weather was unseasonably warm and sunny today…which is VERY rare for southern Sweden this time of year.  The general rule of thumb is: if it’s warm, it’s raining (or threatening to), and if it’s sunny, it’s cold and windy (which makes it feel even colder than it actually is).  So warm AND sunny on October 8 was a real treat not to be missed.

In fact, it was warm and sunny AND windy, so we headed down to the beach late in the afternoon for a little kite flying.  The wind was inconsistent, however, which made keeping the stunt kites in the air a little more effort than either Dr. Darling or myself were willing to put into the exercise. But the sky was a brilliant blue and the view over the Öresund was spectacular (as usual), so we were content to pack the kites up and just stretch out on a blanket to take in the beauty of it.

At one point, I leaned over and whispered, “This is a sweet nothing,” into Dr. Darling’s ear. But far from the reaction I was expected to this cute and clever little gesture, she proceeded to wrinkle her brow and look at me kind of funny.

“I take it you’re not familiar with the phrase, ‘whisper sweet nothings’? I asked, still whispering (naturally).

“No!” she whispered back (very loudly, I might add). Still with this slightly disturbed look on her face. A look that was distinctly different from the usual look I get when I’m doing something she thinks is silly. (Which is pretty often…so I know that look well.)

“It’s a very famous phrase,” I continued (whispering, of course). “It’s considered very romantic to ‘whisper sweet nothings’ into a lover’s ear.”

“Well could you stop it?” she whispered back. “Because it’s kind of creeping me out.”

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