Oct 14 2005

Suddenly Swedish

On June 20th of this year, I became eligible for Swedish citizenship by virtue of living three consecutive years with Dr. Darling. (Which was a LOT more work than it reads.)

But I didn’t submit an application at that point because it required that my U.S. passport had to be sent along with it. The summer vacation season was just starting and the Swedish immigration authorities were advising applicants who needed their passports for vacation travel to wait until after they got back to send in their paperwork. I was going to need my passport for our August cycling trip to Germany, so I figured I’d apply right after we got back.

And then I just got so busy that I didn’t get around to sending in the application and the requisite 1500 SEK (about $190 USD) until last week. And because the busy-ness did not let up, I promptly forgot that I’d even done that.

So needless to say, I was bowled over when I got summoned to the postal station today for a registered envelope and it was from Migrationsverket…an organization not known for its efficiency. I think it took me longer to fill out the form than it did for them to process it.

So now I’m a Swedish citizen (well, Swedish-US dual, at any rate) and have evidently been so since Tuesday, which means I NEVER have to deal with the immigration authorities here again, I’ll get to vote in the next round of national elections, and EU passport here I come!!!

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