Oct 21 2005

“Skyway Robbery”

It took several days of searching and swearing, but we now have airline tickets for our biennial Christmas trip to the U.S.

HOLY CRAP was it expensive. In the end we had to compromise on airports (we’re only flying as far as Chicago…and that includes a fairly long layover in Amsterdam each way) and dates. It was a nerve-racking negotiation…I think I may even have signed away our first-born child in the process.

According to the travel agent I spoke to on the phone several times because their on-line booking system (through which the lowest fares were available) was inevitably experiencing technical difficulties, it’s the cost of jet fuel that’s making the fares so outrageously high. Guess we should have booked pre-Katrina, but for some strange reason, neither one of us was thinking about Christmas travel in August.

At one point we even considered me making the trip alone, which would have saved a TON of money while still satisfying my family’s expectations. But I did NOT want to spend the holidays apart…especially since my last trip across the pond (Thanksgiving of 2004) was made solo because of financial constraints. In other words…Dr. Darling owes me this one.

I just hope she’ll be able to forgive me when she finds out we are contractually bound to hand our newborn over to Northwest Airlines.

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