Oct 30 2005

“Falling back…”

So time is still flying…but at least I got an hour back today when DST (or "summer time" as they like to call it here) ended last night.  We had completely forgotten about it (as usual) until I made my way to the laundry room at what I *thought* was 8:20 a.m. and found there was no power to any of the machines. The electricity to that room is controlled by a timer that is evidently smart enough to remember when the time changes…unlike Dr. Darling or myself, who will be similarly suprised when it’s time to "spring forward" in April of next year.

So I used the extra hour to make up for all the time I didn’t spend working on the freelance project on Saturday. This was due to several factors:

1) The time we actually spent moving our Favorite Neighbors was longer than expected. Being the kind of super-organized, neat-freaks that they are…I was anticipating that the help crew would have to do little more than shuttle boxes and a few pieces of furniture from the old apartment to the truck, and then from the truck into the new house. All in one trip, of course. That’s not quite how it worked. Turns out that one of the reasons their apartment was always so tidy was because of all the CRAP they had stored in the basement of the building. Who knew they were closet pack-rats?

2) I had to make a special trip to the Swedish passport office because when I tried to go Friday afternoon after work I discovered it had been relocated and the opening hours had changed. This surprised me a bit given that we had just had Dr. Darling’s passport renewed at the beginning of August and there was no indication at that time that the service was being moved (from the main police station) elsewhere.

Getting a Swedish passport was something I thought I could put off until it was convenient (or I had an extra 400 crowns…about 53 dollars…lying around). But it turns out I HAVE to have one for our trip to the U.S. in December…or more specificially, for our trip back to Sweden in January. This is because it could be considered fraud for me, as a Swedish citizen, to enter the country on a U.S. passport.

3) I finally decided to pull the trigger on GPRS network service for my mobile phone and then couldn’t get it to talk to my Palm (which was the whole point).  And because it was the weekend, there was no live customer support available through the service provider…so I spent  WAY too much time Saturday night trying to solve the problem myself to no avail.

Today was pretty productive, however.  The extra hour allowed me to get quite a bit of work done on top of the usual domestic chores of laundry and grocery shopping.  And I learned that while I may not be a wizard at GPRS networking issues, I still have the ability to select a perfectly ripe avocado.  Now THAT’s a useful skill.

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