Nov 04 2005

Bosnian Baklava

I always thought this wonderful dessert was the exclusive domain of the Greeks, but it turns out that Turks, Macedonians and Bosnians (especially Bosnians) are masters of it as well.

The crew that’s contracted to handle the janitorial duties at my company is made up almost entirely of immigrant women, whom I make a point of speaking to everyday. (They seem to get a big kick out of my mangled Swedish.) They usually work mornings only, but for the last couple days they’ve had some extra duties getting the place all spic and span and shiney for a dreaded very important visit from corporate. (I italicized the text because that’s how it sounds when any member of management says it.)

At any rate, these fine ladies were still in the building when afternoon coffee time rolled around today, and my goodness do they put on a spread for fika! They brought no less than three different types of homemade goodies to share with each other, and I somehow got lucky enough to be offered a piece of baklava…only one of my favorite treats in the world…to have with my coffee. "Heavenly" is really the only way to describe it.

When I said I didn’t know how to thank them for sharing their bounty with me, one of them enthusiastically replied (in Swedish), "Tell everyone that Bosnian women make good baklava!"

They certainly do.

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