Nov 08 2005

And if I start liking Japanese Animé, just shoot me

The Suduko puzzle craze has Sweden firmly in its grip, with even the free commuter newspaper (The Metro) offering up a new puzzle of varying difficulty every day. In the Quiet Car alone it’s not unusual to see four or five people bent over the daily Suduko…with some folks tackling the grid first thing in the morning and others waiting until the ride home.

I’ve had a version of this addictive puzzle on my Palm for a couple months now but have shied way from the newspaper rendition…instead bringing it home for Dr. Darling to do (usually in the bathroom). I’d like to say it’s because I’m so “high-tech,” but it’s really because I don’t trust my puzzling abilities to keep me from making a mistake…something that’s very easy to “undo” on the Palm.

Because the Swede is up in Laholm with her mother for a few days, I had no reason to bring the Metro puzzle home with me yesterday, which does not entirely explain why I decided to try it myself.  In INK no less. (It’s considered a badge of honor to do the Suduko puzzle in ink…Dr. Darling would never do one any other way.)

But even more idiotic, I didn’t even begin working on it until the train had reached Lund. From there it’s a direct shot to Malmö that takes about 12 minutes.  So imagine my shock and awe when we were pulling into the Central Station and I was only three digits away from the solving the puzzle…which I was able to finish before disembarking.  It was a miracle!  My first-ever Soduko puzzle in ink, completed in just over 12 minutes!

I tore the puzzle out of the newspaper and practically sprinted to my bike, imagining the scene when I proudly showed my masterpiece to Dr. Darling.

And then I remembered that she wasn’t home…which is why I attempted the puzzle in the first place.

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