Nov 13 2005

Another working weekend….

So I’m still buried under the Stockholm Guidebook (for another week, at least), which means all I do is go to work, and then come home and work some more. That doesn’t exactly leave much time to do any fun writing…not to mention anything that might be worth writing about!

But even if I had time to play, Dr. Darling doesn’t. She’s spent the last four days writing a proposal for a post-doctoral research grant that was supposed to be handled in large part by the lab in Copenhagen but wasn’t. This means she’s been zero help on the Guide for the past week…and because she starts her one-month fill-in position with them on Tuesday, she’s not going to be much help this final week either.

So I should probably be a little honked at the lab at the moment, but we found out last week that instead of paying Dr. Darling the substitute lab tech‘s salary we both expected her to receive, they are going to pay her a full PhD’s salary…which is a seriously NICE chunk of change in Denmark.  Let’s just say it more than makes up for the 10 weeks of unemployment benefit she was ineligible to collect while she did her project work there.

Let’s also say that when she finally does land a job, we’re going to be LOADED!

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