Nov 16 2005

Back to snooze-bar hell…

Dr. Darling started her one-month paid gig at the lab in Copenhagen yesterday, which means the alarm is back to going off at 5:45 a.m.  Jesus, Mary and Joseph that’s early!  It’s only been two weeks since she finished up her 10-week project there, but that was more than enough time for my body to get used to the extra 20 minutes sleep I was a afforded from not having to hit the snooze-bar twice for the little princess her.

But at least she’s earning a bit of money as a scientist…FINALLY.  And if the grant that she and her colleagues have applied for is approved, she may actually be on her way to having the career she’s been educated for…and I may actually be on my way to living in the style to which I would so totally love to become accustomed!!!

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