Nov 18 2005

Daylight is dandy, but sunshine shows dust

I’m was semi-typically Swedish today in that I left the office early on a Friday afternoon (the "typical" part), but I only did so in order to do some much-needed phone work on the Stockholm guide fact check (which accounts for the qualifying "semi" part). Not the funnest way to spend a sunny afternoon, but necessary.

But it was kind of novel to be out and about in the daylight. For the last couple weeks it’s been dark when I leave for work and dark when I get home, so it was a real treat to not to have to juggle lights on the bike for once. But it was not a treat to see the apartment in broad daylight. I’m afraid that Dr. Darling and I have been so busy with the Guide lately that we’ve let many of our normal domestic chores slide, and this place is a real PIT at the moment. Fortunately neither one of us is allergic to dust.

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