Nov 20 2005

Did Tom Clancy write that?

We are in the home-stretch of the Stockholm Guide and actually felt accomplished enough to take some time off today to meet some friends for coffee in the Western Harbor.

But this evening we’re back in front of our respective computers … me on the iBook in the livingroom and Dr. Darling on the desktop Windoze machine in the bedroom. There’s a TV in the bedroom, too, so when 9 p.m. rolled around, I was curious as to whether or not she was going to watch the Tom Clancy movie that was on TV4 … though I couldn’t remember exactly which Tom Clancy movie it was.

The conversation went something like this …

“Are you watching Clear and Present Danger, Sweetie?”

“No, I’m watching The Fear of all Sums.”

“Really? I didn’t know they made a movie about my math phobia.”

“They did. It’s a dark comedy … and before you ask, Angelina Jolie is not playing you.”

“Well of course she isn’t. Angelina would have been cast as the mysterious yet understanding math teacher who takes me under her wing.”

“Angelina Jolie is not anywhere in this movie.”


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