Nov 23 2005

My Mom would be so proud!

There was an item on my friend Nicole’s blog this morning in which she had taken some sort of quiz about what she would most likely go to jail for…and the result was “Stalking Angelina Jolie“. Given that I’m been semi-obsessed with AJ since long before the general public even knew who she was, I figured I was a shoe-in for the same result.

Well, the “quiz” turned out to be nothing more than entering your name, which is hardly an indicator of whether or not someone is predisposed to stalking Angelina (though as Nicole noted, “Who wouldn’t want to?!”), let alone get caught for it.  So naturally I was quite disappointed when I got this result:

You will go to jail for:

Peeing in public

Take this quiz at QuizGalaxy.com

The really funny thing is that this particular infraction is much more likely to occur given my willingness to “Whiz in the Wild” under certain circumstances.*

*If “nature calls” while I’m out in nature (and in a fairly secluded place), I have no qualms about dropping trou in public, much to the embarassment of Dr. Darling.


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