Nov 24 2005

Thanksgiving: Swedish-style

I wasn’t really expecting to celebrate Thanksgiving today…better known here in Sweden as “Thursday.” But when I wished a Norwegian colleague (the Spanish CEO’s executive assistant) Happy Thanksgiving this morning and told her how thankful I was to have her as a co-worker…she decided it was an excellent occasion to hold a spur-of-the-moment fika (coffee break) for our division.

Now Swedes are not the most spontaneous people in the world to begin with, and it was also a regular working day, so a lot of our colleagues already had meetings and activities planned. But free food is a powerful incentive across nearly all cultures and we were both pleasantly surprised by the turnout. Several asked me to tell the Thanksgiving story…the first time I’d ever attempted it in Swedish. And all wished me a happy holiday, which felt really nice.

My next mission will be to get everybody onboard for celebrating my July 4th birthday…with gifts, of course.

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