Nov 27 2005

Confessions of a terrible spouse…

In addition to being Thanksgiving Day, last Thursday was also my Mother-in-Law‘s birthday.  We are in the habit of inviting her to spend the weekend closest to her birthday with us, especially on those years when we are travelling to the U.S. for Christmas (like this one).

Normally I really enjoy this visit. Dr. Darling‘s mother and I get along very well, she cooks delicious meals for us and spending time with her is an excellent exercise for my Swedish.  In addition to that, she usually drives down from Laholm and we are able take care of a variety of errands that are much easier to tackle with a car while she’s here.

But this was not a “normal” weekend in that it was the first one in over six weeks in which I didn’t have to work on the Stockholm Guide project, and all I wanted to do was sleep and/or sit on the couch in my pajamas monopolizing both the laptop and the remote control…for 48 hours straight.

But it’s pretty much impossible to do these things when you have company, and because she had elected to come on the train instead of driving, we didn’t even have the car to run around in…which severely limited our options for activities.

We did go to a wonderful Christmas concert on Saturday night, but other than that we mostly just hung around the apartment…which sounds like it would be conducive to both channel and web-surfing…except for the “relaxing music” radio station she insists on playing a bit too loudly on the stereo almost around-the-clock.  (Seriously, she listens to it to wake up and to go to sleep…the Swedish Perry Como serenaded me on Friday when I got up in the middle of the night to pee.)

The bottom line was, I just didn’t have it in me mentally or emotionally to be a good host this weekend…or to even hide that fact…and I suspect Dr. Darling with give me some grief about when she gets back from dropping her Mom at the train station.  And I will deserve it.

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