Monthly Archive: December 2005

Dec 31 2005

New Year’s Eve

Tonight we will be ringing in 2006 with my sister and her family.  She’s making “Tater Tot Casserole” in honor of the evening’s entertainment: “Napoleon Dynamite” on DVD.  This movie (which evidently features tater tots in the plotline) about a couple of high school nerds in Idaho is something of a cult-hit over here and …

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Dec 29 2005

Obligatory fast-food entry…

The new iBook arrived has arrived but I haven’t even had time to get it out of the box yet.  We’ve been visiting and shopping but mostly eating…both traditional family dishes and of course, fast-food. Now I didn't eat a great deal of fast-food when I lived in the U.S. and I eat even less …

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Dec 28 2005

Take my money, PLEASE!

For months now I have been planning to buy a new laptop while we’re here in the U.S. over Christmas. Both the prices and sales taxes are lower here, plus shipping is free to a U.S address. But I must have still been a little jet-lagged when I placed the order with Apple, because I used the …

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Dec 26 2005

Christmas Turkey Crisis averted!

So my mother’s convection oven, which had worked flawlessly the day before when we were baking pies, decided not to heat up properly when we put the turkey in on Christmas Day. And unfortunately, we didn’t discover this until 30 minutes before we were planning to eat. But with the help of an ancient oven …

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Dec 24 2005

Reverse Culture Shock

It sure didn’t take long for me to feel right at home here in the Land of Mass Consumption.  Within 24 hours of arriving in Lafayette, I’d browsed the “always low prices” at Super Walmart and cleared the local Osco Drug of generic pain reliever, cold medicine and anti-biotic first aid cream. Today we will …

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Dec 22 2005

Sunrise over Amsterdam

Greetings from Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport…commonly referred to as "Shithole" because of it’s general uncomfortableness. These lime green plastic molded chairs at our gate are certainly holding up the standard! At least they’ve banned smoking throughout most of the facility since I was here last. We just heard a recorded announcement that smoking was prohibited every …

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Dec 22 2005

It’s what time?!

It’s about 3:15 a.m. and the cab that’s taking us to the train station (because the city bus system does not operate at this hour) is arriving in about 30 minutes.  Needless to say…we didn’t even bother to go to bed.  We’re both in our usual pre-flight anxious mode, but I’m beginning to wonder if …

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