Dec 06 2005

Happiness is a tidy apartment…

Why is it I can only get inspired to clean under threat of dinner guests?

Dr. Darling and I spent a good chunk of this past Saturday afternoon finishing the "fall cleaning project" we’d started the previous week in preparation for her Mom’s visit.  We both have a high tolerance for clutter and very short attention spans when it comes to anything remotely resembling housework, so we had really half-assed it the week before…which can be gotten away with when the guests are family members.

Not so when it’s friends coming round for dinner…which is, to be completely honest, part of the reason I like to have people over.  It’s the only time I can ever get inspired to clean!  And that’s a real shame to because our apartment is actually quite nice (shocking!) and feels so much bigger when it’s tidy.  Even more importantly, we both feel better when the place is clean and organized. But are those good enough reasons to keep it that way?  No.

Clearly we need to have company more often.

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