Dec 12 2005

Sometimes common sense triumphs over technology!

One month, two phones, three support websites, six lengthy conversations with technogeeks at my network provider and 37 configurations later, I’m FINALLY able to connect my Palm to the internet.   I had honestly all but given up and was really pissed that I’d spent a bunch of time tracking down a used, older model Sony Ericsson phone that was supposed to have drivers necessary to link this particular Palm to my GPRS network.

No matter what combination of connection types, network configurations and modem initiation strings I tried, I kept getting an error message that said my "settings were incomplete." In the end, it was a matter of putting an "x" in the username and password fields that five of six technogeeks told me to leave blank.  I couldn’t believe it was that simple!

Of course I very quickly tried the same "trick" with my original phone, but it didn’t work…so tracking down the used one was definitely worth the effort.  So now Dr. Darling is carrying my cool clamshell model with the leather case and I’m trying not to lose this tiny red candybar model that’s so light I’m just certain it’s going to end up in the washing machine.

But it will be fun to surf and send e-mail from the Palm while it lasts!


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