Dec 13 2005

Just call her “Märta Stewartsson”!

Tomorrow is Dr. Darling’s last day (for the time being, anyway) working at the lab in Copenhagen, and she wants to take a treat for her colleagues to enjoy during afternoon coffee.  Now given that she’s not especially industrious or adventurous in the kitchen, I assumed she would make something simple or possibly even buy some cookies or pastries to share.

But…evidently inspired by the spirit of Lucia (today was Lucia Day here), an Italian saint who is somewhat oddly revered in Sweden, she decided to make traditional Swedish saffron buns, called lussekatter. Now as a general rule, I am the baker in the family, but even I tend to avoid things that involve yeast, let alone kneading and rolling and shaping. (The one exception to this rule being pizza dough.)

So needless to say, when Dr. Darling announced she was doing lussekatter, I was a bit surprised.  And when I found out she intended  to make 40 of them, I was even more impressed by her initiative. But  later, as we trudged back from the grocery store in darkness and a light rain after having spent the equivalent of our monthly chocolate budget on an obscenely small amount of saffron, and she let is slip that she’s NEVER made lussekatter on her own before, I began to question her sanity!

On the upside, most of the other scientists in the lab are Danish, so even if the Swedish Martha Stewart (AKA Märta Stewartsson) screws up the buns, they probably won’t know the difference.


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