Dec 16 2005

I guess breathing is optional?

Near comatose Faithful readers of ShazzerSpeak will have to strain their brains to no doubt recall the springtime drama of our ventilation problems, also known as “When Idiots Own Apartment Buildings.”  For those who need a quick refresher, when our Do-Everything-on-the-Cheap landlord replaced our windows last winter, he also replaced the vented frames that housed them with non-vented frames.

These vented frames are (make that “were”) CRITICAL to the apartment’s fan-drawn air-circulation system because without them, there is no way for fresh air to be drawn into our apartment unless the windows are open, which is a bit problematic in the wintertime.  And because these low-cost frames do not have a mechanism that allows the windows to be locked in an open position, they have to be closed up tight whenever we’re not home…even in summer.

So the air-circulation in our apartment pretty much non-existent, something we attempted to point out to the landlord this spring when his incompetent and mean-spirited common-law wife (AKA Cruella DeVille) was just positive that the aggressively growing of mold on our bathroom ceiling was being cause by a water seeping in down from the roof.  They both all but said we were stupid for thinking the new windows had anything to do with it, which was enough to make Dr. Darling march down to one of the local environmental agencies and ask that they look into the building’s ventilation system.

During the course of the ensuing investigation, it was discovered that the landlord had never secured the necessary building permits to replace the windows in the first place, so we’re fairly sure he got hit with a pretty decent fine for that.  But because we were encouraged by the guy at the environmental office not to attach our names to the report , we gave up the option of being notified of the progress of the case. Still, the people at the environmental agency were quite confident that *something* would have to be done to address the poor air-quality and lack of ventilation in our apartment.

So we’ve been waiting even since (in an odd combination of smugness AND trepidation) for the landlord to notify us that the window frames were being changed, or having holes drilled in them, or something. But we’ve heard NOTHING for months. So today, Dr. Darling had a little free time on her hands and decided to check in with the people at the environmental agency.  They dug through their records and discovered that the building code office had totally screwed up by retroactively issuing the permit for the windows without checking if there had been any impact on the building’s fan-drawn air-circulation system.

This means we are right back where we started last March, and will now have to file a formal complaint with the agency in order to get them to look at the ventilation in our apartment. We will further have to explain why we waited so long to report the problem. Gaaaah!!! 

I HATE bureaucracy…especially in a language that I can’t lash people with!

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