Dec 17 2005

As if I wasn’t geeky enough…

I’ve finally crossed the line into total blogging nerd-dom: ShazzerSpeak now has it’s own domain at www.shazzerspeak.com

For the time being, the new domain is just set to forward to my wonderful host Blog-City…so http://shazzerspeak.blog-city.com will still get you here. But www.shazzerspeak.com is so much easier to remember!

I’ve been thinking about doing this for a long time but just got around to it today.  It will be really interesting so see what the impact will be on traffic (if any). Once I saw how easy (and cheap) it was to buy a domain name…I ended up buying a second one to use to create a completely personalized e-mail address (and perhaps a future professional presence on the web).

But I wasn’t finished!

I actually bought a third domain name for Dr. Darling and I to use with the webspace our ISP includes with our broadband connection.  She’s always talked about putting up a couple of pages (with lots of pictures) highlighting some of our biking adventures…so I snagged a name that was uniquely appropriate.  I’ll be sure to let you all know when we’re ready to  launch www.vikings-biking.com!

Feed my ego!

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