Dec 29 2005

Obligatory fast-food entry…

The new iBook arrived has arrived but I haven’t even had time to get it out of the box yet.  We’ve been visiting and shopping but mostly eating…both traditional family dishes and of course, fast-food. Now I didn't eat a great deal of fast-food when I lived in the U.S. and I eat even less of it in Sweden (where it's both outrageously expensive and limited to McDonald's, Burger King and Subway). But there are a couple things I miss and always indulge in when I'm "home".

In what is sure to become a bi-annual tradition, I made a Christmas Eve “run for the border” with my teenage nephew…the only other person in the family who loves Taco Bell as much as I do. Fortunately Dr. Darling enjoys psuedo-Mexican food, too, and is happy to tag along. She was not too impressed with White Castle's however…and I am willing to concede that slyders might be an acquired taste.

The Swede continues to be blown away by the wide availability and low prices on liquor, though. After we bought 1.75 liters of Captain Morgan rum at the grocery store for $19.99 tonight, she said it was a good thing we don’t live in this country because if we did she would surely be an alcoholic.  God Bless America.

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