Jan 12 2006

Unsolved mysteries…

On Tuesday I got a notice in the mail that there was a package for me to pick up at the postal kiosk in our local grocery store.  This is standard operating procedure. Swedish mail carriers do not deliver anything that isn’t small enough to fit through the average sized letter slot in an apartment door. If someone sends us a parcel, or even a large padded envelope, we have to go to the grocery store to get it.

Now I wasn’t expecting a package, but hey, Christmas was just a few weeks ago and it can take awhile for stuff to arrive from overseas. The really odd thing was that the note from the postal kiosk was a *2nd Notice*…and neither Dr. Darling nor myself had any recollection of having received the first one.  The note further stated that the package was from someplace called “Diamond House”, which offered no real clue as to who might have sent it.

So tonight we trudged up to ICA looking very much forward to seeing who might have sent me what from the Diamond House, but the clerk could not find the package. She then asked us if we had the original notice of its arrival, which of course we did not. Her only explanation for why she couldn’t find it was that someone else must have picked it up using the original notice…and they would have had to do so sometime between Monday (when the 2nd notice was sent) and tonight.

Of course the mail carrier has on occasion delivered our neighbors’ mail to our apartment and vice versa, so it’s definitely possible that one of the single, middle-aged men who live in the apartments next to and below ours got my original notice about a package from the Diamond House and decided to see if it was something that could pass for an engagement ring…but I hate to think that about my neighbors.

Even more worrying is that the clerk at the postal kiosk obviously did not ask for any ID from the person who picked up the package, which is something that should be *required* in such a delivery system. But the thing that’s bugging me the most is that I have no idea who sent the package in the first place and therefore can’t acknowledge the gift (even though I never actually received it).

In a semi-related bit of irony, our tightwad landlord installed a new lock with touchpad access on the main doors to the building  sometime back in November, but has never given any of the tenants the code for it. The door is now locked 24 hours a day and the handle is configured in such a way that you need both hands to open it with a key…which is a real pain in the @ss…especially if you’re carrying something.

And because I’m sure he went with the cheapest system he could possibly find (naturally!), this new 24-hour lock does not include any kind of intercom system either, so you better hope that unexpected guests have both a cellphone and your number, because otherwise there’s no way for them to let you know they’re outside. I initially speculated that the keypad was just a prop and didn’t really open the door at all.  But last weekend we saw a letter carrier type a number into it and it worked…so that theory is blown.

Since the letter carriers seem to be the only people in town who have the code to the keypad, I can only imagine that the 24-hour door lock was added to prevent things like, oh, I don’t know, mail theft?  All I know is, I didn’t have any packages go missing until AFTER is was installed.

So if the person who sent me a Christmas present from the Diamond House is reading this, I apologize for not thanking you personally.  I’m sure it was a lovely gift.

P.S. Dr. Darling would like to have a word with you.

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