Jan 19 2006

Skyway Robbery!

Turns out it’s a darn good thing I do have so much extra freelance work at the moment, because without it we wouldn’t be able to pay the bill for our VERY LIMITED USE of my mobile phone during our Christmas trip to the U.S.!

Now I fully expected the cost of the minutes we used while abroad to be quite a bit more expensive than when we are in Sweden. In fact, I was prepared for them to be double or even triple the usual rate.  But since we were going to be moving around a lot during the trip, I figured it would be easier for folks to find us via the mobile rather than having to guess which family member or friend’s home we were visiting at any given time. In other words, the convenience would be worth the price. Plus I was very careful to not just chat idly with people when they called. Once I knew who was trying to reach me, I would call them back on either a land-line or someone else’s (local) mobile phone.

Turns out I was a bit low in my cost estimate. The bill for 51 minutes of airtime was 883 SEK, or just about 108 US dollars…which breaks down to more than 10 times the price of our usual minutes!  How the hell can that be?

Dr. Darling actually laughed when she opened the statement…an extraordinarily unusual thing for someone who can easily be mistaken for a skinflint. When I asked her why she wasn’t more upset about the huge bill, she said she didn’t think it was reasonable for her to gripe about it as long as I’m the primary wage earner and therefore exclusively responsible for these kind of joint expenses. Which leads me to believe that if this bill had to be paid from a pool of money she was contributing to, I would have caught all kinds of hell for it.

In the future we’re just going to buy a local refill card to use while we’re there.  Yes, it will be a pain to have a different phone number, but at least we’ll be reachable to the diligent.


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