Jan 29 2006

Not one for our dog-sitting resumé…

Pixel’s parents will be coming to pick her up from “Camp Lesbos” today, and I suspect she’s looking forward to going home if only for the chance to relax a bit. Dr. Darling has had her on a very strict activity regimen that includes a daily romp at the nearby dog beach, but we gave her the day off today after Saturday’s outing left her with a ragged right ear.

The dog beach is a wide expanse of green space along Ribersborg park where dog owners can turn their animals loose for a run and even a dip in the Öresund.  Depending on the time of day and what the weather is doing, there can be as many as 25 dogs zipping around … with remarkably few clashes between them.

Pixel and Dr. Darling have been strolling there without incident for several days now, but yesterday the Princess Pixel ran into a rather asocial black Labrador who ran her off with a nip and a threatening snarl. But since she bounded back to us immediately afterward looking no worse for wear, we didn’t think anything more about it. Until 20 minutes later when she streaked past us with blood spattered all over the right side of her face and neck.

Turns out that nip had broken the skin just inside the tip of her right ear … a wound so small that it took us awhile to find it. But from the amount of blood you would have sworn it was much more severe. As we walked her back to our place, I kept looking over my should for the Swedish version of the ASPCA*, all the way wondering aloud how were going to tell Pixel’s parents that she had been injured while in our care.

Dr. Darling, who is a complete softy when it comes to dogs and hyper-responsible besides, surprised me with this rather nonchalant response:

“Hey, Camp Lesbos is tough.”

 *American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

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