Feb 01 2006

Giving notice…

Dr. Darling gave our landlord official (as in written) notice that we would be moving out yesterday…but Cruella’s insistance that the paperwork be delivered in-person turned what should have been a joyous bit of simple business into a complex and stressful event.

Because I had my first Swedish tutoring session from 4 to 5:30 p.m. (more on that later) and then went directly from there to back-to-back meetings in the city lasting until 9, I could not accompany the Swede on this task…something I would have relished.  Dr. Darling, on the other hand, completely dreads any kind of contact with either the landlord or Cruella and nearly gave herself an ulcer over having to turn in the notice.

She was so freaked about facing them alone that we ended up asking our pal British Michaela to go along for moral support. Michaela was game, largely because she’s heard so many stories about The Landlords from Hell and was very curious to meet the woman who once told me that other people in the neighborhood suspected we were drug-dealers because we occasionally left our bedroom curtains closed (to keep direct sunlight off the desktop computer).

Part of the drama had to do with our hope that they might actually have a new renter lined up who could move in here by the first of April, thus releasing us from having to pay rent on this place through May 1. The apartment next to us has been empty since mid-January so it’s reasonable to assume that they already have some applicants on hand.  But Cruella was in her usual hateful, sour form and said no, they didn’t have anybody who could take it on April 1. Yeah, right.

So we’re prepared to have to pay double rent for that month, but are seriously thinking about placing an ad ourselves and then forwarding the ones who can move in on April Fool’s Day (how deliciously appropriate) directly to the landlord. Even if it doesn’t work, it will probably bug the hell out of Cruella…which will be TOTALLY worth it!

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