Feb 06 2006

“It’s not contagious…honest!”

I opened nearly every conversation I had today with this sentence.  Because while my eye is feeling much better, it still looks like hell and I had colleagues visibly recoiling with the thought that it might be Pink Eye.

My other strategy was to try perpetuate the rumour that I was injured in a fist-fight by saying , "You should see the other guy!"  I don’t think anyone believed that, either.

We got five or six more inches of new snow today and then the temperature rose in the late afternoon turning the snow into sleet and then into rain.  I played it safe and hitched a ride back to Malmö with a colleague rather than risking the possibility of trains being cancelled at the last minute.  This time covering the 27 miles took an hour an a-half…which is only about 15 minutes longer than the fair-weather commute.

The downside is that I did not get to drop off the last three chapters of the manufacturing inventory control textbook I’ve been proofreading for the professor in Lund.  This is one freelance project I can’t wait to finish, and wouldn’t you know that Mother Nature would conspire to keep me from delivering the final product. Doesn’t She realize that just having to read that thing from cover-to-cover was punishment enough?


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