Feb 09 2006

Fashion Icon or bargain victim?

When I was stateside over Christmas I made the usual rounds of my favorite second-hand stores.  One of the bargains I *thought* I got was a G.H. Bass rugby shirt.  It’s in excellent condition and is the perfect weight for at least three seasons here in Scandinavia. Plus it was 50% off its original price of $3.00 so there was really no physical way for me to leave the store without it.

But rather than the usual blocks and stripes, this rugby shirt features a kitschy plaid pattern in muted shades of dark green, burgundy, light gray, gold and something that’s either navy blue or a dark, dusty purple depending on the light. I figured it would go with pretty much every pair of slacks I have in my wardrobe.

WRONG! It matches NOTHING. The colours are so odd that they actually clash with blue jeans.  It doesn’t even look all that great with khaki.  WHAT DOESN’T GO WITH KHAKI FOR GOD’S SAKE?!

Needless to say, I was monstrously disappointed over this. So this morning, as I stood in front of my closet  trying to figure out what to put on (a special challenge on “laundry day”), I got to thinking about the Bass rugby shirt and the fact that I hadn’t worn it once since I’ve been home from the US. And then I remembered my Pants of Undefinable Colour.

These cotton pants (no doubt purchased in the exact same circumstances as the Bass rugby shirt, just a few years earlier) are either slate gray or a some strange muted shade of lilac, depending what I wear with them. I have exactly two shirts and one sweater that look decent when paired with these pants … and each is so different in colour and pattern that when looking at them side-by-side, you would never in a thousand years imagine that they could be worn with the same slacks. But for some strange reason, it works. Could it happen again? I had to try it.  Besides, I’d already wasted too much time standing in front of the closet in my underwear.

So the Bass rugby shirt was duly donned along with the Pants of undefinable Colour…in the dark, because Dr. Darling is still asleep when I’m dressing for work.  I was so confident that these two misfits were made for each other that I barely looked at the combination before putting on my coat and heading out the door.

That was a mistake. And the harsh overhead lighting at the office definitely did NOT help.  Fortunately here in fashion-challenged Sweden, this terrible combination of colours(?) doesn’t even warrant a second glance. In fact, it might even pass for down-right trendy!


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