Feb 11 2006

*Somebody* needs a little undivided attention…

Last night I went up to Helsingborg for an evening of wining and dining with some colleagues from work.  I usually avoid Friday night events because I’m so wiped out by the end of the work-week, and besides that, Helsingborg is not exactly  "on the way home."  (It’s in the opposite direction, in fact.)  But since I had declined at least two previous invitations on the condition that they were scheduled on a weeknight, I didn’t think I could get out of this one.

Since Helsingborg is over an hour away from home via public transport, I didn’t get back to the apartment until after 11 p.m., and there I found Dr. Darling feeling a little bit lonely and out-of-the-loop. She totally appreciates the importance of socializing occasionally with workmates even if it cuts into "us time".  But this particular event brought her extended period of joblessness into sharp relief and it’s no wonder she’s feeling a little blue.

So we’re spending today (and probably most of the weekend) doing whatever she wants to do…which means I probably won’t be online very much. Sometimes real-time life just has to take priority…and I’m so grateful that it does.

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