Feb 14 2006

The packing has officially begun!

Or perhaps more accurately, the sorting and pitching in preparation for the packing has officially begun.  And given that both us are borderline packrats, there’s an awful lot of stuff to sort through.  I just hope we can be disciplined about throwing away stuff that we can’t think of a regular use for…a tough job for  "sentimental savers".  Dr. Darling  has already found the Tube pass she used when we met in London back in 2000!

In addition to starting the packing process, we’ve been investigating procedures for getting the electricity, phone, cable and broadband  moved from this apartment to the new one…recently dubbed "The Penthouse Nordic" by my brother (in honor of a dive I once lived in back in Lafayette that happened to be on a street named Park Avenue). Apparently utility companies soaking customers with ridiculously high transfer and reconnection fees is a universal phenomenon.

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