Feb 17 2006

The Winter Games are being held WHERE?

Because I am a professional writer and journalist (stop laughing now!), I spent the last 48 hours wondering how the hell I could have gotten the name of the host city for the 2006 Olympics WRONG in my last entry.

Turns out I didn’t. The IOC, breaking a long standing tradition of using the anglicized names of its host cities, bowed to pressure from locals and went with the Italian name for the city: Torino. So that’s why the “Torino Olympics” are being held in the city known outside of Italy as Turin.

And evidently, I’m not the only one who is confused…which is kind of a relief.

From “Turin” to “Torino”: Olympics Put New Name on the Map

Of course none of this explains why I actually sat through a women’s curling match last night. Granted, it was Sweden vs. the USA, which means I would have been conflicted about which team to root for even if I had understood the game. (I’m still not convinced it should be called a sport.)

Dr. Darling (who turns out to be quite a curling fan, a previously unknown fact that disturbs me just a little bit) tried to explain it to me, but it didn’t help much. Neither did the rather novel broadcast method that had all team members mic-ed so you could hear them discuss strategy between stones. As far as I could see, the team that goes last always has a huge advantage over their opponent … to the point that it often eliminates anything that might actually pass for competitive drama.

Let’s just say I’m glad Dr. Darling won’t be home tonight so that I will have complete control of the remote.

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