Feb 19 2006

Chalkboard scrawl…

For the benefit of my non-American readers … the humour of this particular internet “quiz” is based on a classic punishment for elementary school students who misbehave in class.

Teachers will often require kids to write a sentence stating “I will not…[insert infraction here]” on the classroom chalkboard over and over and over again … usually until the board is filled or a certain number of sentences had been written. Sometimes you did this during class, sometimes afterward.

I was never subjected to this particular exercise … which is not to say I never misbehaved. I remember having to write the names of Indiana’s counties five times (in alphabetical order) for my 7th grade geography teacher once. That probably doesn’t sound like much until I explain that Indiana has 92 counties … of which today I could probably name five.

Tippecanoe, this one’s for you!

Shazzer will have to write:
I will not keep writing songs about erectile dysfunction
‘What will you have to write on the chalk board?’ at QuizGalaxy.com

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