Feb 23 2006

Nurse Shazzer checking in


Haven’t had much chance to blog lately because I’ve been too busy making soup and buying popcicles…in other words, pumping liquids into Dr. Darling by any means necessary. The patient is doing much better BTW, and actually ingested some solid food without discomfort today. 

In the meantime, it appears as though someone at our two-year-old nephew’s birthday dinner in Halmstad on Saturday night was the source of the bug, because last night we learned that four other people who had been in attendance ended up with Winter Barfing Disease.

Dr. Darling read up on the virus and found out that people who’ve had it can remain contagious for as many as three weeks after their own symptoms have abated.

She also read that one in five people are naturally immune to it because they don’t have the receptor that the virus binds to in their cells, which could explain why I haven’t come down with it yet as well as confirm her somewhat well-grounded suspicion that I am a Freak of Nature.



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