Feb 25 2006

Tipping the Embarrassment Scale ALL the way over…

Regular readers of ShazzerSpeak know that my Significant Other is not always thrilled by the fact that I write so regularly about our lives on the internet for 7 or 8 people all the world to see. Dr. Darling is a very private person on top of being pretty typically Swedish, which means her preferred mode of operation is “invisible”.

So considering the circumstances, she tolerates my blogging hobby pretty well (even though I do seem to have to explain the concept of “artistic license” to her on a fairly regular basis). Her only consistent gripe is about the ratio of embarrassing moments shared, hers vs. mine. I maintain that it only seems like hers are more likely to become entries because she embarrasses more easily than I do.

For instance, she wants to know why I haven’t written about an incident that happened the other night in which I shattered the silence of an otherwise empty street with a really loud fart just as a bicyclist was passing us in the other direction. She was mortified that I would let one fly so freely in public, but it’s not like we knew the cyclist or will ever see that person again.  My belly felt better and we both got a good laugh out of it … what’s the big deal?

I mean, it’s not like I’m admitting to something like .. .oh, say … listening to curling on the radio because we were driving back from Falkenberg when the Swedish women’s olympic gold medal match started.

Now THAT would be embarrassing.

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