Feb 28 2006

Happy Fat Tuesday!

I’m not sure which is more worthy of celebration…the final day of feasting before the solemn period of Lent, or the fact that this is the last day of an interminable February…which I am convinced is the most difficult month to endure in this part of the world.  Thank goodness it’s only 28 days long most years.

So here in Sweden, it’s "Fettisdagen"…their equivalent of Shrove Tuesday … though the religious implications of the day have long been lost on happily secular Swedes. Here it’s just an excuse to eat Semlor, cardemum flavoured yeast buns that have been split and filled with almond paste and whipped cream, and I admit to having just plowed through one.

I’m sure to pay for it the next time I get on the scale…though it will be tough to say just how much. This is because our fancy electronic scale that measures not only weight but also water and muscle mass seems to be on the fritz (or at least in need of new batteries which we invariably won’t have handy in the proper size). 

The scale was behaving really strangely this morning, so I jiggled the battery door on the bottom and then stepped on it a second time…only to be told I’d gained 8 lbs. in the course of about six seconds!  (Or 5 lbs from the day before…which is equally implausible.)

Talk about "Fat Tuesday".

Feed my ego!

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