Monthly Archive: March 2006

Mar 29 2006

10 things I love about The Penthouse – Nordic

1. The s p a c e. 2. The dishwasher. 3. The option of opening the windows ANYTIME I WANT. 4. The dishwasher. 5. The balcony…which has a door that I can open ANYTIME I WANT. 6. The dishwasher. 7. The full-sized freezer that’s big enough to have an entire shelf dedicated to ice cube …

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Mar 27 2006

We’re IN!

Sorry for the delay in reporting in…but we have no internet at The Penthouse – Nordic and probably won’t have for a week…which surprises the hell out of both of us since Dr. Darling had a very extensive conversation with the Telia customer service rep when she called to order the service moved¬†(along with our …

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Mar 23 2006

Boxes, boxes everywhere…and where the hell is my toothbrush?

My apologies for being so lax in updating this week. Work is super busy at the moment and life at home is equally chaotic thanks to the upcoming move. Dr. Darling and I have been packing and hauling stuff over to "The Penthouse – Nordic" every night this week with only a brief break for …

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Mar 20 2006

First day of Spring MY @$$!!!

Okay, so I took some grief from a few friends a couple weeks back for daring to suggest that March 1 meant spring to me.  (As if the sub-freezing temperatures and snow weren’t punishment enough.) But today, the calendar actually says "First Day of Spring" on this date, and it STILL LOOKS AND FEELS LIKE …

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Mar 19 2006

How much crap can YOU fit into a Toyota Starlet?

However much it is, I’m willing to bet that Dr. Darling and I could give you a run for your money.  We made a total of seven trips to The Penthouse – Nordic over the weekend, plus purchased two dressers at IKEA and hauled those over, too. And considering how small my mother-in-law’s Toyota Starlet …

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Mar 17 2006

How to drive me crazy…

I think of you took a straw poll, most people who know me would probably agree that I’m a pretty easy-going person. I’m not especially demanding of anyone (other than myself), I’m often impressively patient, and I do not anger easily.¬†But I REALLY need one of two things to happen and I need it NOW. …

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Mar 16 2006

Navin R. Johnson would be proud!

Thanks to the kindness of our rental agent, we’ve had the keys to The Penthouse – Nordic (AKA "Home of Malmö’s Ugliest Kitchen") for a couple days now even though our lease did not actually start until March 15.  Which is why, when we stopped by last night with our daily haul of possessions that …

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