Mar 13 2006

Let the hauling begin!

We picked up the keys to “The Penthouse – Nordic” a little after 5 this afternoon and zipped over with our first load of stuff: eight paper grocery bags full of books.

This was both a practical and symbolic decision. Practical because while paper grocery bags (with handles, of course) are very good for hauling books, they don’t stack very well once you’ve loaded them up. Consequently we needed to move the bags first so we could even walk through the living room to get to the boxes stacked in the corners.

Symbolic because we both love books and our collection outgrew our capacity to store them properly in long ago.  Getting our books to a place where they can “breathe” and (eventually) be easily accessible is kind of meaningful. Plus, we purchased three large wooden bookshelves from the previous tenants of the new place, so we even have the option of unpacking them before the “big move” on the 25th.

The Penthouse – Nordic is even bigger, lighter and airy-er than we remember…due largely to the fact that it’s pretty much completely empty at the moment (except for the bookshelves).

But we’ve discovered that the kitchen could really use a bit of a “make-over”.  The countertops, which I didn’t even notice on our two previous visits due to the gleam of the dishwasher and separate, full-size refridgerator and freezer, are a really ugly dark-brown color. And the floor, which was probably obscured by a washable throw rug at the time, is quite possibly even uglier than the countertops.

Fortunately both of those items are pretty easy to replace (or at least cover up). Here’s hoping that what Dr. Darling lacks in housewifing skills will be compensated for in her interest home-improvement projects.

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